Matt is collaborative, full of enthusiasm, ideas and energy.  He not only works to get the best result visually, whatever the schedule or budget, but also has a real understanding of scripts and characters, particularly in comedy where he'll find every nuance in the piece to make it as funny as possible. Working with Matt is a joy.


Matt Tiller, Head of Development, Comedy Central

Matt Is not just a great creative, he is a thoroughly collaborative director – our studio crew and cast on Topsy and Tim loved him. 


Maddy Darrall, Executive Producer, Topsy and Tim

It's a huge relief when you find a Director who is not only capable of getting the best from their crew, but brilliant with their cast as well.  It's incredibly rare to find a Director who not only does that, but has a razor sharp eye for comedy and a total understanding of where the joke is as well.  In Matt you get all three.  He brings a huge amount to every project, gets every last drop out of the material he is given, and enables the people around him to deliver their very best. In an ever decreasing pool of good Directors he is going to become more and more valuable.


Simon Lupton - Commissioning Editor, Comedy at UKTV

Matt is great to work with, he’s organised, focused and shows passion for any project he’s involved in. He’s professional and understanding when dealing with talent and has a lovely manner.
He’s fun, talented and isn’t afraid to try something new. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Matt and hope to work with him again soon.


Jo Killingley – MD – Dot To Dot Productions/ Exec Producer - Totally Rubbish/Footy Pups

Matt is in a small group of directors who is as comfortable directing actors as he is working with the crew, making things look great. His eye for detail is fantastic as he's always thinking ahead as to what will be needed in the edit. The cherry on top is that he's thoroughly lovely human being, too. I wish I could carry him around on a keyring with me. 


Mobashir Dar, Executive Producer, Off Their Rockers

Matt is great to work with on both a professional and personal level. He is a talented comedy director who knows how to deliver a joke on screen and get the best out of his performers. His team clearly love working with him and respond to his calm and clear approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.


Myles Jenkins, Series Editor, Off Their Rockers

I have worked with Matt for many years and always look forward to any chance I get to do so. Matt is a tremendous presence on set, he brings a hugely positive energy as well as excellent rapport. He pays attention to the details and he also has a wonderful way with talent. I would strongly recommend Matt for any kind of directorial work but I think he has a special flair for narrative, both drama and comedy, which is his greatest area of expertise. He has worked with onscreen talent and behind the scenes players at the highest level, very successfully. Meet him then hire him. You won't regret it.


Rohan Acharya, Producer

Matt’s a highly creative chap with an innate sense of what makes a good story. Coupled with a great “comedy” brain and being a pleasure to have on any set….. It’s quite sickening how talented he is, really. In fact, I don’t know why I’m writing this – I hate him.  YOU employ him – I can’t bear to see his smug, talented face around anymore. 


Michael Towner, Executive Producer, CBeebies. 


Matt is incredibly professional in dealing with both cast and crew and achieves fabulous results. His attention to detail to ensure the utmost quality on screen is enviable and in our case, award winning.

I look forward to working with Matt again and would have no hesitation in recommending him to direct any show.


Addie Ofila - Head of Production, Hollyoaks